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1/1/2002 c1 48Vinsant Firepsyched
I witness many things on TV and never THOUGHT of writing something about it even though I was terribly disgusted. You have pointed out one thing 'Civil'isation does nowadays. Good job. One that moved me.
12/27/2001 c1 1Bitterscarlet
Your social commentary (Both the poem and the note) is admirable. This is a poem with an important message written well. I feel I have to admit I'm planning on entering journalism. Written though, I looked into tv but like you the idea of capitalising on the suffering of others sickens me. Just one suggestion: After 'it's okay if you can't feel her pain' it jumps a bit. You could insert something like 'She's your entertainment,' or maybe even 'She's Saturday Night Live,'. So it would be:

It's okay if you can't feel her pain;

She's Saturday Night Live,

Just shut the fuck up.

I don't know. Am I making sense? I have THE mother of headaches right now. I'll leave you in peace now.

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