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for Am I Not Merciful?

3/19/2003 c1 48Vinsant Firepsyched
As you Singaporeans love to say... "Wah Lao..." You did prompt me to write something bad though, so it's a good thing...Hehehehehe
5/30/2002 c1 12SilverMoonGoddess
Hmm...Got Anger? Well all in all very good. Distrbing..weefun! right then, i know lots of people feel like that..Very good! bye now~! {Oh thanks for reviewing my poem *Is lazy and just now got around to seeing who's review her stuff*}
1/19/2002 c1 Nerilka-chan
EEEeeeeew...uh...well hey, i guess we all do feel that way sometimes...but oh so graphic *looks a bit queasy*
1/19/2002 c1 A Skitzic Idea
Oh God, that's how I feel at times.

The title kind of reminded me of the same line used in Gladiator
1/12/2002 c1 16vixxy
Dude...I've felt that way too. I'd appreciate it if you would read some of my poetry, please, and review it. Yours is better, but please read mine anyway.
1/7/2002 c1 2dingbats247
wow i takes nerve to write a poem like that. it's what i tried to convey in "steps of fall" just the way it's hard to resist stepping on a leaf and watching it fall to dust, defenceless. but i've never seen anyone take it to this degree.

vive le depressing poetry.

why does the computer kep cutting off parts of my reviews?

-the *dingbat* princess
12/30/2001 c1 10one two three four five
EXCELLENT. this imbodies the times that i clench my teeth and punch the wall and scream because i can't make people understand why i hate them. Good job.
12/28/2001 c1 1Bitterscarlet
Me again...I just discovered your online diary thingy-ma-jiggy! I only read the latest entry but - wow. I love your honesty. Anyway, it led me to this poem and I must say that this line: until your veins become an architect's blueprint

Is the best. Anymore morbid little stanzas tucked away in that busy brain of yours? I'll be on the look out for them...
12/28/2001 c1 12Jewls13
Would I be attmiting to being secerously(sp?) ill if I said that thoughts like that help me to fall and have a great nights sleep. For some reason, it comforts me. I'm really a peacefull person, but I enjoy the thought of not nessecerly hurting someone, but exerting my control over them. ok, I got off track-needless to say, I liked it. The fact that you are willing to not only see, but also explore and publisize these feelings-it takes real guts and shows that you are a true individual. You aren't afarid to be yourself-whoever that may be. Ok, I like your poem-but I think I like you more, lol. I'm not dangerous, really-just writing reviews at 6AM after not getting any sleep.

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