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3/6/2002 c5 1espeon
The RacerX salute.
3/6/2002 c4 espeon
The RacerX salute.
3/6/2002 c3 espeon
The RacerX salute.
3/6/2002 c2 espeon
The RacerX salute.
3/6/2002 c1 espeon
The RacerX salute.
1/11/2002 c1 2Toast and Marmalade
sorry, but i got lost right after the line
1/2/2002 c1 2Sabrosa
Hmmm...very good! Not Haiku, but who cares, it's still creative poetry. ^_^
12/30/2001 c1 24The Dark Enchantress
I'm sorry but I can't seem to load a seprate poem. I don't know why it just keeps coming out as an empty document. I'll try again later.
12/30/2001 c1 The Haiku Police
Hello? This is most certainly NOT a Haiku. A Haiku has 17 syllables outlined 5, 7, and 5. This belongs under just plain POETRY! Why do people do this?...

No offense intended. The Haiku Police apologize for any inconvenience.

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