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4/26/2003 c1 41Chlorinated Pi
i like it. angsty. one minor note, american girl is a tom petty AND THE HEARTBREAKERS song (i'm picky about this kind of stuff) tom petty is the author of the song, but it was recorded and played by all of the heartbreakers (TP, Mike campbell, ron blair, stan lynch, and benmont tench) all of whom received credit for recording in the liner notes of the album the song is off of. i'll stop ranting on that now and get back to praising your story.

the raised on promises part really stood out. good work
1/4/2002 c1 13Panabelle
*dances around happily* I love Tom Petty! I love Tom Petty! That's all it took for me to read this, even though I should be getting ready to leave now. Anyhoo, this was really cool; it's a shame no one else seems to have appreciated it. It's almost poetic the way you wrote it.

-Panabelle ;P

I love Tom Petty! I love Tom Petty!

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