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for shattering window

5/3/2006 c1 593Morwain
4/12/2005 c1 22Loup17
it's not bad, different from the others but not bad, u can actually write good haikus; most people are *ehh* but you are truly talented at it

11/9/2003 c1 186Emi Amara
Hiya! O this is a really good haiku! 'glittering clouds' is my favorite part

cya =)

~ Winged Girl
6/3/2003 c1 128Zainab
Nah, I don't do flames (unless someone REALLY ticks me off-but I'm not here to write about that) I like how you describe the clouds as glittering. *sees glitter...chases after it*
5/7/2003 c1 13just like me
I cant say anything bad about this poem,. Some awsome poems are written in school, yours is no exception.
12/17/2002 c1 12la presa de la noche
k, um...what's that got to do with a shattering window, i prepared for a big heartbreaking depressing thing, and i get this happiness? what's the world coming to? then again, you wrote it in mah class... nothing good comes from math class, besides graduation...anywho, it was a very good haiku, considering math class...
12/15/2002 c1 100Keep it 100
Awesome piece.

~Heart of the Sword
10/14/2002 c1 13Karianua Lightwood
I don't get it, but I like the wording. :P
8/11/2002 c1 98hurtmushroom
great, 'glittering clouds' like this best, shattering windows can be beautiful *g*
8/10/2002 c1 wqwq
maths class sux but this poem is ok
5/27/2002 c1 26moonbunny38
it's so pretty! crystalline's a cool word.
5/26/2002 c1 1Laralanthalasa
May be short, but still good!
5/20/2002 c1 1lady alpha
Good imagery. Shattering windows ARE beautiful.
5/19/2002 c1 1Endless Tears
Wow.. so short and yet so great! :) I loved that.. :) You are such a great writer! And you seem like a pretty cool person. If you ever want to talk just drop me an E-Mail at You seem like an interesting person.. :) So don't hesitate to e-mail me!
5/19/2002 c1 playergurl
rainbow crystalline... nice...
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