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4/7/2006 c1 3Beyond The Horizon
That poem...its exactly...me! Its so deep if thats how someone like you or me feels, I'm so blown away!
5/31/2005 c1 10Cemetary Gates
Interesting. I like it.

My only criticisms is to watch for consistency of the number of lines in stanzas (unless you meant for it to turn out that way) and to avoid angst at all possible costs. Angst is a big turn off, because everyone everywhere has heard it over and over.

Otherwise, good job. Keep writing.
8/12/2000 c1 4The Anonymous Poet
I'm surprised that some of your works do not get reviewed more often. I've so far read a few of your pieces, and find them to be wonderful, although sad pieces of writing. I can relate somewhat to your poem, but can't relate completely because I know not your situations... I've felt something like this before, however. I hope you won't feel like this forever.
8/3/2000 c1 11A. Ushio
I kind of like this.

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