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for Soulmate

11/16/2000 c1 keisha
A very well written story. I hope you find who you are looking for! ^_^
11/15/2000 c1 41Willum
While I wish you luck in finding him again, don't be so blind that you don't see someone else who may be just as "perfect". If I'd still been crying over the girl I had lost, then I wouldn't be with my wife of 15 years now.
10/22/2000 c1 24Amorina Leigh Carlton
That was beautiful. I hope you meet "Tyler" again someday. I know your heart must be broken.
8/29/2000 c1 Krista Peters
this is great... i'm a hopeless romantic and even being 14 i have met my mister right.. he's my complete equal
8/6/2000 c1 8AniRachel13
Wow...that was good. I hope you do find him. Good story...

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