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for The Shorties: A Series of Short and bad Poems

3/13/2003 c6 48Vinsant Firepsyched
This is rather cool. I do believe however that you can actually fit some of the short "ugly" poems and possibly make something beautiful out of it. But your idea of putting a collection is nice. Even though it's not all that ugly.
12/12/2002 c14 16vixxy
wow. i can SOO relate to this sometimes.
11/19/2002 c12 79CrimsonCat
I think this one is my favorite.

Dai stiho

11/19/2002 c7 CrimsonCat
Just wanted to say that I loved those last two lines. Well done.

Dai stiho

11/19/2002 c15 CrimsonCat
That happens to me a lot. You just write, and you're left wondering what the hell you've created. Don't worry, it's not just you.

Beautiful poems, by the way. Adding them to my fav. list. Keep up the great work.

Dai stiho

4/14/2002 c15 10one two three four five
no i write stuff and don't understand it all the time. i think it's pretty common. it comes from somewhere inside you that you didn't think you had. and that's that. later, you wonder. did that make sense? prolly not.
4/14/2002 c2 one two three four five
home life, thank you please.
3/23/2002 c5 90SweetGrape
nicely true
2/16/2002 c16 Bitterscarlet sign in what
I haven't been on ff.net for ages. Nothing to contribute plus the page wouldn't load. Anyway, now I'm on this short visit I'd like to say: Poem quite good, could be expanded a bit. Back to diaryland for me...
1/27/2002 c15 84Jaclyn
WOW. I'm stunned...I've read these before, but I came back to see the new ones..."Painfully Untitled" just about blew my mind...WOW! I've also written things that are total puzzles to me (*is thinking about her latest poem*), or things that express extreme emotions (depression, etc) that I don't feel (yeah, I've realized that those are probably about other people though, since I'm positive they're not about me). But I digress...your poem is AMAZING. I really, really love it...it's perfect. Wow...
1/15/2002 c14 1Bitterscarlet
Fall of the wall is indeed brilliant.
1/12/2002 c9 16vixxy
I like the Fall of the Great Wall.
1/12/2002 c7 vixxy
Combine the three Fragments of Heat.
1/11/2002 c12 84Jaclyn
wow. wow! i LOVED these! some of them really blew me away. im putting this on my favorites...great job! and you shouldnt say they're bad in the summary, because i *almost* didn't read them bc of that...
1/11/2002 c7 Kritik
Now this one I like..lovely imagery.
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