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for The Shorties: A Series of Short and bad Poems

1/10/2002 c11 29dreamaway
Why do you do that? It's like baking a cookie that is so delectable all you want is one more bite, and you make them too small so you're left with this empty feeling of cookie lust! I WANT MOOOOOORE!
1/9/2002 c8 2dingbats247
did u write these in class? i like to write poetry in spanish clss we aren't allowed to speak english there so it helps keep me sane (some from spanish class include "seagull", "eyes" and "the dawn")

i would write poetry in math but it's too hard to concentrate. in math they flood your head with numbers and letters and symbols and shapes that get twisted as you ry to cram then into your brain. math is not a poetry class.

science maybe, if we're not doing dissections or something gross. we dissected oysters earlier this year-some people ate theirs, too, when class was over-and i think we're doing frogs in the spring. and he said something about dissecting about dissecting something this friday or next friday

*please let it not be me*

-the *dingbat* princess
1/9/2002 c8 1Bitterscarlet
Love this: I'm in no hurry to criticize,

for I think they're leaving soon

Also loved '?'...especially the '...and to drown' part. (Stupid review but I'm so, so tired) Incidently, there's an Australian band called 'Leonardo's Bride' if you weren't aware already...lol...glad you're not in love with Mr Dicraprio. Keep at it, maybe combine the 'heat' stanzas?
1/7/2002 c1 Teenage Dirtbag not logged in
These were all great, I love the first one the most. Keep up the excellent work!
1/7/2002 c3 25Karmatic Sunshine
im fading too.
1/3/2002 c3 1Bitterscarlet
'I don't want your expectations, much less your judgement' is a great line and you could add it to that absolute master stroke from the first poem and develop a whole new piece from that. Rhyme or free-verse would work. Looking forward to any additions to this chapter wise. Keep it up!

P.S. I have unleashed the 'Ode To Fish-cakes' upon the world as a new chapter to the 'humorous' collection. You have only yourself to blame.
1/3/2002 c2 Bitterscarlet
I like this one too, it's got a kind of steady rhythm to it as it rolls on which just helps the theme. It reflects the indecision which many face upon finishing school or wondering just where they're expected to go.
1/3/2002 c1 Bitterscarlet
Don't you feel better now you've uploaded all these little ones? It's like being cleansed. Theraputic devices apart (And my spelling) this first one is seriously magnificent. If you have any more of these upload immediately! This has become my new favourite of yours. 'I don't dabble in vanity, only in appearances' is a goddamn brilliant line and I'm wishing I'd thought of it.
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