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5/14/2010 c1 3xXDistantDreamerXx
haha, this is funny. and cute. :P i like it. (:
12/24/2003 c1 7equitable division
Haha. I'd review in Haiku if I was bright and quick witted. My last sentance kinda rhymed though..
5/25/2003 c1 ali-kat-29
great haiku! but is it a one? or three technicly, it's three, and i heard that haikus HAVE to have something to do with nature. it's a rule or something or other. but it's very funny. :)

12/23/2002 c1 Cindy Smith
Hi my name is Cindy Smith and I am gay too! Want to hook up sometime? I know where you live because I live right down the street. I am in SO love with you! Will you fook me on our first date? I've had losts of experience! With other women of course. just like you! If John Knowles wasn't dead you and him would get along just fine I bet. you might still actually. Love you more than you will EVER EVER know! I'm gay!

Cindy Smith
10/27/2002 c1 1Sarathiel
I find it so amusing that hordes of people attack the Haiku Police for their horrendous flames via horrendous flames. There appear to be a number of stupid . . . jerks around here, and I'm not talking about THP. They're funny jerks, and that makes all the difference.

Loved the haiku. ;)
8/6/2002 c1 29Katterree Fengari
...hmm...Oo..So you CAN write several Haiku's as to lengthen them...fun...interesting poem...ur refering yourself as several ppl...ok! ...
7/27/2002 c1 4Firebolt -2002
you'll are seriously not anything more than ordinary... plain and simple. god knows which imbecile told you you could write. p.s don't review anyone 'coz you should know, YOU'RE WORSE
5/24/2002 c1 13Raspberry Ginger
*crying with laughter*

God, I already had a sore throat, you know? You're makin' it worse! Jesus, you people are gonna be screwed over and over! Why in the freak do you care? You're just settin' yourselves up for flames!
4/5/2002 c1 4Nakato Rune
Cute. What is it about all these people and "Flames"? Not the criticism! Whatever shall we do? If you want to write a poem, but the haiku form is just too restricting, you can write a poem and post it in Original Poetry-not Haiku!
3/27/2002 c1 68LunarBard
LOL!:} The last stanza was cute.
3/8/2002 c1 18americananime
You people are seriosly starting to give me mental stress! Arg! _YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD US THAT IT WAS MORE THAN ONE_, since now you look like all those people you scold - more than seventeen syllables if you put it all together, so there.
3/8/2002 c1 83Zemmiphobic
lol love the twist it's awesome
3/7/2002 c1 1Mephisto
3/1/2002 c1 33worldofone
*giggles at Chelsea for all those spelling mistakes - Just for he Haiku Police* That's a lot of gifts..lol..

Good one, Bremmie.
3/1/2002 c1 GypsyQueen
Perfectly lovely,

Words that are truely heart felt,

It makes my heart swell.

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