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6/13/2005 c1 27RosepetalDoll
that wasn't 17 thingies! i think i'm confused...~rosie
6/26/2003 c1 The HKP
To the Haiku Moderator:

Did you ever stop to think that the particular definition you found did not mention syllables because it is an American dictionary and Americans are ignorant?

Also, the dictionary I hold in my hand has specific syllable counts. It is Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language: Second College Edition: Deluxe Color Edition (c) 1980

Thank You
12/30/2002 c1 5Lord-FuDgE
HaHaHa...I've got a friend that would so blast you guys out the water. Him and some other guy he knows have Haiku battles, which is similar to rap battles (for those of you that can't draw your own lines). I should get him to throw a bunch on here.
7/16/2002 c1 1running with scissors
5/24/2002 c1 13Raspberry Ginger
Oh God, seriously...


Why do you guys do this to me? I adore you cute little babies! When did the world fold?
4/9/2002 c1 Ebufary
*g* Your poems rock! Ever tried submitting one to the International Library of Poetry? You would SO get in? They have a special little doohigger for haikus.
3/27/2002 c1 68LunarBard
That is great! This is your first poem i've read, but i've seen some of you reviewing and wanted to see your stuff and i have to say that this soooooo good.
3/1/2002 c1 GypsyQueen
A slight arrogance,

Snobbishly haughty people,

Yet funny and true.

Haiku's are 5-7-5, correct... but is there any way we can all live in peace and harmony, in this lovely world of poetry? *Gypsy dodges rotten fruit that is being chunked at her* Fine you rufians! Ugh! Don't say I didn't warn you! *disappears in a cloud of smoke*
2/22/2002 c1 4tropicalfrost86
tehehe.. you make me laugh = )

haiku police... very interesting idea. a little on the annoying side, but interesting nonetheless.

*salutes back*
2/22/2002 c1 Moderator
Dear Haiku Police...

I have been reading your reviews of certain Haiku's...and I looked up the word Haiku in Webster's Dictionary...you should! Here is the freakin' definition...

hai-ku n. An unrhymed Japanese verse form with three short lines.

Now...no where does it say how many syllables or such that a haiku should have...and you should keep that in mind while reviewing other's works.


The Haiku Police MODERATOR!
2/21/2002 c1 33worldofone
We know you can count

You made that pretty damn clear..

Count the flames you got.

I'd say that's just about 41, or close to it. I can't say too many bad things, because, granted, you reviewed my haiku with a "salute," but damn..Do you always go around with your head up your ass? Must look strange..So pull it out, take a look around, and give some friggin constructive criticism, not this egotistical crap. Unless, of course, you get a strange pleasure from having people spit at you.

..So we point and laugh..


~the cone in the middle of the road
2/21/2002 c1 6Crazy4teggs
You guys are funny... just a little bit *too* arrogant. Get over yourself, and maybe, intead of flaming ppl, just give constructive criticism? Anyways, nice... I don't care too much for *this* haiku, but some others of yours are funny.
2/18/2002 c1 18Imagi chan
Thank you very much for the corection of my Haiku, I feel very stupid for miscounting my first line, thats never happened to me before. But I must admit, you corrected a friend of mine the 'invisible policeman' for setting up more than one stansa of Haiku. Yet, you yourself did it in this very poem. You also informed my friend that you did not care about her subject, and I am concerned as to why you would say such a thing, I thought that this was a country of free speech Why would you tell her that the subject she chose to release her soul too is stupid and unworthy? I don't know why anyone would be so cruel.
2/18/2002 c1 37BeautifulWickedness
AHEM! I've been told my haiku is good! I've only writen two so far. (please r/r) That was cute! Th world needs good, insightful poetry. Whether it be haiku or sonnets or whatever we just need it! okay, I'll go away now. ^_^

Your poetry writing amigo,

2/12/2002 c1 17Fairy in Black and White
Very cool. I have never seen a haiku so original and so funny. BTW, thanks for R&Ring my haiku. Keep writing.

~*bad girl blondie*~
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