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1/17/2002 c1 10Kazzeh Sodapop
That was intresting. o.o Demo, I like it! ^_^

Ja ne!

1/17/2002 c1 206MoshiMoshiQueen
Well i have heard that you flame every one and I know this because you flamed my Haiku and I try not to flame people, but i could make this an exception. I don't mind people telling me my mistakes but still i did not need you flameing me about my Haiku not being a Haiku, because i said that i did not know how to make one and i was just TRYING to make one. You could have just said something that would help me make my Haiku better but no you had to tell me it was not a Haiku. Well i think that you should just help more people out and i am sure that people would not get so mad at you. Well any way like i said i don't like to flame people so i will say something good about your Haiku and maybe next time you will say something good out mine and other peoples'. Well i thought it was pretty good and i could understand what you were trying to say. So i guess it was very well written.
1/16/2002 c1 Kitty Calnan
*sighs* You know, Haikus have to have at least one word relating to a season. There's more to it than being able to count up to 17, you know. I don't see any season words in this haiku!
1/13/2002 c1 3Sakura88
I don't give a rat's ass. Who the hell made you in charge of haikus? Ur a fricken' asshole. Ur haikus suck like shit! So screw off if you kno what's good 4 you loser! You can put down all the people you want, but no one can take away the way haikus are supposed to be. Not even you frickin' dumbass. These poems are for creativity, not for u to say o this sucks, o that sucks. Like what most of the reviews say, sod off with the damn review of urs and leave us haiku writers in peace!
1/12/2002 c1 Emily M. Hanson
Hey, how do we report bad haiku writers? Just kidding. Although, I have seen way too many haiku lately where they have obviously not been counting correctly! This is not too difficult. I can count to 17 in three languages - English, German and Mandarin. I also know of some Star Trek foreign languages pages, where you can learn to count in Klingon.

Funny poem, btw. I have 2 couple of collections of poetry, that are not in the Haiku section, but rather in original poetry that you may enjoy. They contain some Haiku, but mostly Tanka.
1/12/2002 c1 10HotPantsDeLonge
Alright, but why don't you use REAL haiku themes, like nature. You really have no room to give others bad reviews when your work is only barely mediocre. So try again, and don't be such a prick.
1/11/2002 c1 4Cheesy Cream
The Haiku police can kiss my ass. Who died and made you dictator? You really must be total losers since you don't seem to have anything better to do with your time. Poetry is supposed to reflect the creativity and emotions of the writer. It is personal, and it means a lot to the individual. A true artist pours their soul into their art. You could really hurt someone with your ignorant dictums. However, it doesn't hurt me! Your Haikus are just foul, putrid piles of shit! You are not true artists and, from the reviews I've read, no one is fooled by your mindless facade. I don't expect you to be moved by what I say, and I could care less if it does. However, I couldn't just let this opportunity pass me by!
1/10/2002 c1 Lolita to lazy to sign in
alright, i don't know hwo died and made you people boss, because you walk around thi site (figurativly speaking), and feel yo have the right to tell people whether or not their Haikus are good or not. Poetry is a creative way to express ones self, and if you don't like the fact that i get my frustration about my self mutilation out through poetry, then don't bother to read it. You just need to get off that plush thrown of your, because you are not as wonderful as you think you might be. So take your head and shove it up your arse, because i take no ones BS, especially from some person who thinks they can go around and tell people what they can and can not write...would u like to see what u wrote me?

"The Decency Police-please do not tell us about yor stupidity in inflicting pain on yourself. If you really want pain, go to the dentist more often. Also, perhaps you should tell someone else who can help you, like anyone."

GOOD GOD! that is not very kind, for gods sake, i am a freaking self mutilator, its not my fault i do this, its all psycological, and thats not my problem...so get a life, because you have to much time, if you go around and tell people off...

I have said my bit

Have a Nice Day

and sod off

1/8/2002 c1 32Tangerine Dragon
Hey, lots of people CAN write really well on this site, so don't go saying that people can't write. And, you could-if you had to-make your critisism a little lighter. I know people can write well on this site because I look for the best. So don't go telling people to correct their "loathsome" poetry. And besides, all you ever write about is yourself. Can't you write something different for a change? Give it a rest, Haiku Police or whatever you are.
1/8/2002 c1 22the invisible policeman
What is this crap? By the way, mine were haikus, every three lines was a different one (if you had bothered counting you would notice that I have the right number syllables for every single one). And by the way I don't give whether or not you want to hear about my exes, I didn't write them for you and I'm not forcing you to read them.
1/8/2002 c1 82mikae77
okay, so what if I don't write haiku perfect, huh?

oh, by the way, do you know anything about what haikus are? Because as far as I've read, haikus are nature poems, okay, not silly crap like this.

1/4/2002 c1 14Jyouchan
How hard can it be for people to realize... free verse does not equal haiku... haiku equals ordered and nice with the syllables... 17 is a good number... 3541987 is good for free-verse... not haiku... not haiku... ::curls up in fetal position, rocking back and forth, saying slowly and quietly under her breath: "Free verse does not equal haiku..." over and over again::
1/4/2002 c1 NyxGirl Kat
Okay, I've gone from bottom to the top... this is the last one I read... Now here's a sincere question: Did you and a bunch of your friends do this to humor yourselves? You know, like a twisted way to annoy people and get a kick out of reading their reviews to your own Haikus? I'm just wondering, you know "the humor section" + "the amusing reviews" + "getting the plessure of annoying people" = "twisted enjoyment for the whole family"... O.o... Okay, I'm probably getting nowhere fast with this one, but that what it appears to be... Anyway, nice fixtion. i have a thing for pocket knives and Garfield myself, for instance. =P

PS- Have I scared anyone yet? (just being sarcastic)
1/4/2002 c1 Why should I tell you
Haiku Police? take a 'haik'
1/4/2002 c1 18Bittersweet
very funny, you guys are horible, but i know exactly what you mean...hahah, keep correcting out bothersome mistakes, you guys do mess up sometimes too, we all do...very well...rock on
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