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for Make me an offer.

2/2/2002 c1 Xela
You stop flaming my friends and I and we'll stop flaming you. How's that for an offer?
2/2/2002 c1 Staci Kaufmann
LOL Oh man, that's a strange one. :-) Thanks for leaving a comment at my poems.
1/29/2002 c1 22Meegwun
I just dare you to find something out of whack in my haikus. I DARE you. :)
1/23/2002 c1 Anni
Did you accept? I say you should have.
1/20/2002 c1 1Radical Child
Maybe you need to...

Get a real job you idiot.



1/12/2002 c1 Emily M. Hanson
Perhaps you should search

your local newspaper ads

for job openings

and then you won't have

the time to read your e-mail

for the lame insults.
1/12/2002 c1 22Gevo
Hmmmmmm I'd say you should accept the offer... *g* And you have counting skills high above the average geranium... (I mean, Some people here do definitely not)
1/5/2002 c1 3ayla1
Ahh, sorry for messing up, I stopped caring once I realized that you must have no life to read all the haikus in the section and critize :) Well, whatever gets you off..
1/4/2002 c1 14Jyouchan
People only insult you because they are jealous of your counting skills.
1/4/2002 c1 NyxGirl Kat
Ah won't you guys leave the HKP alone. You guys talk about how lame their pursuit is... and to be quite frank I find your pursuit to make fun of them is cruel. Heh, okay enough of my assertiveness. Anyway, HKP keep doing what you do if it makes you happy and such. And if you do it to annoy people, a thumbs up to you. Ciao.
1/3/2002 c1 Haiku Anarchist
Insults are not stones

Sarcasm is not a service

This is a haiku

This is bad nonsense

But all that you care about

Is mindless form - Yuck!
1/3/2002 c1 4Skip
And I'm here laughing my ass off =)

1/3/2002 c1 3Tomorrow
Okay, that's rather... different. I think you guys need ANOTHER hobby! Where did you get the inspiration for this?
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