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1/31/2003 c1 8Gaeldrisan
What a rude person.

To critize another,

Listen to yourself.

No one wants to hear

If their haiku aren't right.

So shut your pie hole.

Some of your poems suck,

And the syllables are wrong.

Go correct your own.
1/26/2003 c2 3seashell
heh. lucky for me i don't write haiku
11/27/2002 c1 elementlenore
maybe you should just let people write their own haiku without telling them how you think it should be done and being a complete jerk.
11/5/2002 c2 Seven Poisons

Go forth, noble men.

Teach the error of their ways.

Let no coward hide.
8/14/2002 c2 rhymeless
It's always boggled my mind how people honestly cannot grasp the concept of "five-seven-five." FIVE SEVEN FIVE! If it isn't five-seven-five, it's not a haiku, okay? It's a poem, not a haiku. That's the point of having a pattern for haikus, so that people *follow them*. Anyway, I think this story could use some work in the storytelling department, although I do like your use of paragraphs in chapter 2. As opposed to the ... no paragraphs in chapter 1.
5/24/2002 c2 13Raspberry Ginger
*sigh* The fairy tale ending hath arrived, sweet people of monkey! You shall go out, and you shall be prosperous! Go, and do the work of Monkey! Monkey! *cracks desk with fist *giggles maniacally*
5/24/2002 c1 Raspberry Ginger
Oh my freakin sugarmuffin godfather. Who are you? What are you?
3/15/2002 c2 11Lady Fendra
hehe...yeah, i know what you guys mean. it drives me nuts when friends of mine in AP BLOODY ENGLISH can't get grammar right...(although shakespeare did write some bits in iambic tetrameter and even [GASP] trochaic tetrameter)!
3/8/2002 c2 18americananime
Um, hate to break it to you, but most people don't enjoy you telling them how many sy-le-bolls they should have. It's actually quite rude; especially since it comes across as a flame rather than constructive critizism. I have a friend who you've reviewed (I don't have any Haikus up yet), and you were actually quite snots of yourselfs. Grasp control. Reach for constructive critism. Also - work on your narritive a little. It made me wince.
3/7/2002 c2 1Mephisto
I'm just relieved that I don't do Haikus. MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, I do that sometimes.
3/2/2002 c1 27mereschino
i'm not really reviewing your haiku, even though I am sure it is good. but I fixed my first haiku. Its not that I can't count, but I mistakenly added an extra word. But really, don't you guys have better things to do than go around and critque other people's haikus on whether they are actually in proper haiku format?
3/1/2002 c2 1espeon
So thats how the EVIL started...
3/1/2002 c1 8KawaiiCookie
Tee-hee! The Haiku Police rock! =) =) =)
2/28/2002 c1 1BlackWing1
excellent. ^_^

...i'd like to be the Medieval Police; busting heads whenever a pre-industrial civilization character says "So, like, which way do you guys think we should we go?" or "I totally don't care, she's not my girlfriend anymore, okay?"

you fight the good fight.

2/28/2002 c2 6WrEcKeD InSaNitY
Very cute idea and story. Hmmm, maybe I should red flag you peeps when I do a new haiku ~must have another one done for more extra credit in comp II~, or are do you just search for new submissions? Hehehehe ~so may be a tad new here, has a lot yet to learn..~

Like they say, when your green you grow, when your brown you rot.
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