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for Broken Dreams

8/2/2002 c1 13RiotGirl89
This is really good, i completly relate to it...amazing
1/13/2002 c1 Mandah Lee
thanx 4 the review of my story :o) I thought I'd come read some of your stuff- I love the poem! It's almost...haunting- keep it up! ^_^
1/4/2002 c1 41InkedinSin
Nicely done!Nice rhyming too. Has a very clear point in it
1/4/2002 c1 8Taidhe
Wow. Just... wow. I like the rhyming scheme, I *really* love the line "A dreamer I'll always be..."
1/4/2002 c1 18Amazonia
Mmm you know I love poetry...and this, is better than anything I've written in a long time! Keep up the good work, I want to see more!
1/4/2002 c1 71Toireasa
Hmmm, I don't know, this poem seems a tad confused to me. You switch from Third person point of view to First Person in the first stanza. I'm just generally confused by this...

1/4/2002 c1 77Violent Butterfly
Wow! This totally describes me! Fantastic poem!

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