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6/29/2011 c1 Fluffness
So beautiful... I was in awe. I love the detail of the story, and all it's poetic loveliness.
6/13/2009 c1 Doctor Bee
God you made me cry, beautiful simply and truely beautiful.
12/2/2007 c1 SesshoumaruTakahashi
So beautiful! I almost cried!
3/9/2007 c1 Gaiawtch
beautiful story
1/29/2006 c1 Alicia
T_T So sad... yet beautiful... excellent job!
5/29/2005 c1 3chibikuma88
I like the way you write. The paradox in some cases make a very strong impression. And the story was simply beautiful. ^_^
3/18/2005 c1 59Akihito Kage
*sniffles* Sad but cute. I actually have a boy called Lee at my school but he doesn't look like your Lee. My Lee looks more like the other guy.

Anyways, cool!


PS I love black roses, but can you get them in real life?
3/27/2004 c1 4Sapphirescribe
Wow, this is awesome! You have to get it published!Wow...
10/22/2003 c1 Alaina K. Johnson
That was very well written. It was like a long piece of poetry, and it was an interesting thing to write about. I also see an obsession with angels in most of your work, am I right? Hehe.
8/1/2003 c1 stereo nights
Darkly beautiful and elegantly poetic; I loved this story. Brilliant job.

6/2/2003 c1 newtypeshadow
10/23/2002 c1 1frozeneyes
dis is GOOOOOD... i think it's realli good so yeah.. continue?
10/9/2002 c1 9Mada DuVaris
^_^ that's beautiful ... ;_; just beautiful ... you had some lovely poetic lines in here that I enjoyed very much!
7/31/2002 c1 3ChouKourin
Ooooh, that was so saaad! **hugs poor sad person** Yoo should write a backstory to it. . . . **nods** I like yoor stories. ;^-^;
3/29/2002 c1 9r.mai
i like the description of the feathers. i usually don't like reading stories in the first person narrative but...really pretty... did lee really come for him? didn they live happily ever after? or was he hallucinating from the emotional loss and cold and stuff? anywho, really pretty. though i think third person is better. kayz baiz!
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