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for The Lonely Christmas Tree

1/19/2003 c3 Arandil
dude that's awesome and depressing and happy
2/27/2002 c3 1Kierst
This was really good. I liked the ending. SNIFF! No, in all seriousness, it was sad and funny. I love your writing style.
2/17/2002 c3 1Rosytoes
Very sweet, I especially liked the names of the immigrants:) The second half of the chapter was a little hard to follow, but that is probably because I am tired and distracted! but it is very good and very sweet:)
2/16/2002 c2 Rosytoes
wow that was REALLY sad:( Very good, but it almost made me cry! though I think you need to proofread it because some of the words seemed out of place.
2/14/2002 c2 3BSBree
*sniff* This story is beautiful. I hadn't realized you'd updated. Thanks for reminding me! You have an interesting way of combining formal and casual language. It's the same thing I do and I love it! lol. Keep up the good work!
1/18/2002 c1 11ArwenAria18
Okay, I know this was suppposed to be angsty... but the complete air of seriousness and melancholy about it made such a ludicrous contrast with the subject matter that I was rather hard-put to it not to laugh... which, of course, is a good thing, and not an insult to your story at all! This was quite well-written, with a refreshing variety of vocabulary, and only a few grammar/spelling errors. I enjoyed it immensely. -ArwenAria18 PS I stillhave your books in the attic... I hope you're not suffering for lack of John White.
1/6/2002 c1 3BSBree
You're writing doesn't stink, PLEASE type several more words.

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