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for Night Fey

1/21/2005 c1 7The System Mother
Wow, the words are so cool. I love the flow... really really good.
6/10/2002 c1 71Toireasa
Beautifully done. Descriptions and rhythym is nice. Got to love the Fae folk... you describe them impossibly well.

2/24/2002 c1 7Lilith Onaitsirc
Love your poems. The mood you set is really cool
1/19/2002 c1 2quackingduk
kewl. I odn't really get it...but it is good. great rhythm and good rhymes. love the pattern and ur style. write more!
1/7/2002 c1 Emily M. Hanson
Very nice! :)
1/7/2002 c1 18B. Fisher
This was a nice poem. I had a few issues with the capitalization and the way the rhyme scheme seems to just stop in the second part... but aside from those I had no problems with it at all. Thanks for sharing your work. Please R&R mine if you get a chance.

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