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5/21/2008 c1 1her.harlequin.masquerade
"This is for all the people who want us to write something NOT about ourselves."

*Laughs* I'm going to have to disagree. It's still about you. Note that in the first line of the second stanza, you refer to yourselves by saying "all of us", and that in the second line of the third stanza you say "all we can say is that our..", once again, indirectly referencing yourselves. Nice try, but once again you lack the ability to be anything other than self obsessed.

Now THAT'S constructive critisim.

4/14/2005 c1 Amaranth of Grey
Dude, read my haikus.I'm SweetExile. I can't count.Respond, and then, laugh.
4/3/2005 c1 REAL haiku police
"Haikus" and "Haiku" are both accepted in the English language as the plural. Ignore the other people who are as weird as this poem.
8/6/2002 c1 29Katterree Fengari
5/24/2002 c1 13Raspberry Ginger
*falls off chair*

Oh sweet Jesus and his Virgin Mother! Fuck me, will you? It's too good.
3/28/2002 c1 10Sugars Daring Mistress
Ooookay...not sure what that one is...*tries to think of a good word* Oh! I know! It was RANDOM! ^_^
3/3/2002 c1 peachykeen
haha that was great. i liked it. thanks for salutin me haiku police!

its tricky tricky tricky tricky...
3/1/2002 c1 GypsyQueen
Truthfully dear ones,

I didn't quite get this one,

Perhaps I'm sleepy.

*looks at clock* Oh my! It is 5:30! Egad! *dissolves into a shadowy mist*
2/18/2002 c1 37BeautifulWickedness
That was real cute! I have a question: Who are you people? How many of you are there? How old are you? I'm so confused!
2/10/2002 c1 84Jennifer Jolie
Funny. : ) Altho I slightly feel it's cheating since you get to add so many random's in. Not fair. ; )
1/23/2002 c1 Anni
I think you need to think of a new word. Their are more words that mean the same thing as weird than their are for random.

I agree with Ms. Lester, your haiku are weird.
1/20/2002 c1 1Radical Child
1/17/2002 c1 17WVirginU2007
I (one person) agree with my friend Amymimi (one person). You people (roight! still one person asshole, sorry) are not very normal. But we are the ones with the problems, i forgot!
1/17/2002 c1 3Amymimi
Are "we" being schitzophrenic, oh mighty AUTHOR name "The Haiku Police"?
1/12/2002 c1 22Gevo
*g* Cool...
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