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8/20/2005 c1 some guy that reviews stories from 5 years ago
Have you ever seen the Simpsons episode "Bart of Darkness"? This story reminds me of it.
10/28/2002 c1 73aims80
I thought this was really good! I hope you write another horror story.

Luv Aims :)
8/24/2001 c1 Lady Murasaki Shibiku
oooohhhhhhhh, this one is scarrrrrrry! and i love giving myself a good scare every now and then. nearing the middle of the story, i could actually feel goosebumps rising on the back of my neck! i do so enjoy scary stories every now and then. i felt like i was watching a horror movie while reading this (what a paradox!). great work maggie, keep it up! Ü
7/23/2001 c1 11Animorphalite
Freaky... good story. I just finished watching Carrie 2, so I was in exactly the right mood.
7/14/2001 c1 7AngelOfTheClouds
6/1/2001 c1 Libertarian24
That story reminds me of Hannibal Lector. Very intriguing, and the detail added to the suspense.
3/15/2001 c1 5PrincessDrusilla
I luv this story. It is so wicked.
2/4/2001 c1 Princess Jessi
Whoa...that was a freaky connection you made with the radio & punk music and stuff. That was pretty good, out of a scale of 1-5 I'd give it a 4.
9/17/2000 c1 ELI
9/13/2000 c1 1demonchilde
wow. very good short story, very freaky. good job. :)
9/8/2000 c1 Katie Signed Review
GOSH! that was SO freaky! nice job!
8/12/2000 c1 Kallessin
OMG. That was way too well written. I loved that.
8/6/2000 c1 niko
wow, a rather freaky yet cool story! i really enjoyed reading it, it made me painfully aware of my surroundings...damn it, now im scared :x

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