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for A Sappy Tale of Romance

4/26/2009 c1 1darthluna01
Oh, yes. Horror.

Don't you hate how they just magically fall in love with one another as they JUST meet?
2/25/2002 c1 1Bobcat Moran
Yeah, that *is* horror.
1/22/2002 c1 I.C. Fire
ROTFLMAO! - I think that says enough... lol! Me posted more... me happy! Me like ur story... you funny... ^_^ me no feeling s-m-r-t i mean s-m-a-r-t! lol

I.C. Fire
1/19/2002 c1 Dos Tequilas and an MT Glass
! This is kinda pathetic, but absolutely HYSTERICAL!
1/17/2002 c1 1Undomiel
We are sorry to inform you that, at precisely 5:37 PM, Eastern Time, Undomiel has died. She died of heart failure shortly after viewing this story and laughing her lungs out. We send you our deepest sympathies.

-Hartford Hospital
1/14/2002 c1 hippogriff-tamer
HAHAHA! This tale made me laugh so hard!
1/13/2002 c1 4potionsmaster
Yes, I am reviewing my OWN absolutely horrible ficlet! It's absolutely, positutely HORRENDOUS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I can't believe I actually *wrote* this piece of crapola! ha~HAAAAAAA!
1/13/2002 c1 4Omniscient
WOW! That was horrible! I laughed all the way through it like a moron and my mom had to read it to see what I was laughing at! She's now in the bathroom, puking.
1/13/2002 c1 Athalia
that's good! write more stuff like that!

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