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for Wavering

11/10/2002 c1 38Thetis
This poem is a prime example of how short and simple hits the hardest message. I know what its like to feel like a coward when it comes to cutting, "No skills No experience neccessary" an exact explanation of what an easy offer it is.
2/1/2002 c1 layne
That was inexplicably sad. I do know about the horrid effects and baggage of self-mutilation and your poem ... I'm at a loss of words. Amazing is all I can say...
1/22/2002 c1 13wendria
This poem is very good. It's very realistic and I agree on how sometimes it's better to not have courage to do certain things. Courage isn't always good to have.
1/20/2002 c1 4tropicalfrost86
ack! i would have to disagree though: it's the other way around. the courage is in deciding not to cut, rather than courage in deciding to cut. am i making sense?


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