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for Trapped Between The Worlds

3/21/2002 c1 21Dryad
another really good one!
1/26/2002 c1 22Mara Williams
wow...this was really good. i know how you feel. i go to an arts school and part of the reason why i love it so much is that everyone there is unique, except the dancers. we don't have cliques, except for the dancers. But last year, at another school, i sometimes felt like this. you do really good work.
1/15/2002 c1 27Camille
God that was deep. I loved it. The last part was the most extraordenairy part of the poem. I suppose I know how you feel, I'm kind of in the very same situation, I just can't be who I want to be in any worlds. I have to either be a total air-head and only think of cloathes and boys, no...but I do have a dark side, a very dark and sadistic side which I can only express in poety. It seems you do the very same. Great poem. And don't forget, your never on your own.

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