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7/17/2003 c2 12IHJ
*laughing* Wolverine's way better. You seem to be VERY connected with your students. Wish I had that now but at college, it's quite unlike high school. Especially here in Malaysia where most of the students come from (uptight) British schools. God, are they all quiet little mice!

Good retelling of the events.
5/27/2003 c2 maggi
OMG! ROTFLMAO! GO MIMI! I DO THAT TO MY TEACHERS TOO! it really scares them alot...hehehe...and its so fun too
2/18/2002 c2 Beth Master Beth
Oh come on Mo. As if you never had glue fights in high school...wait...don't answer that. I appreciate the humororous way you are depicting The Aventures of Unscheduled Time for posterity. However,if this is some plot to get 'us' to stop bothering you, know now that it will not succeed. Mimi is the mighty Anti-Ojo and will conquer all. BWAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, I was temporarily possessed by a rabid Mimi...HELP! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh...
2/15/2002 c2 4Star Darling
Hey! You know you really do love us...and i appreciate that you notice i'm always hyper and peppy..as if you couldn't.
2/14/2002 c2 SCG
You know, you musn't have very much of a life if all you have to write about are your students. Perhaps you need a boyfriend. I'm sure Mr. Winkelmann would be happy to...
2/14/2002 c1 SCG
Yeah, like that really happened.
2/12/2002 c2 Guo-Xing
Yeah, buddy Mo Lester, but just to let you know, I don't even own a blue bra.
2/12/2002 c2 17Serri
Hmm. You describe the rampant stupidity present in the majority of our classmates quite well and with great accuracy. How very frightening. For the juniors' personal profile packets they are supposed to list what teachers know them best. Alas, you fit the categorie. However, if we want the truth about ourselves . . . I suppose we shouldn't ask for your letter of recommendation. I also noticed you didn't put the semi-intelligent parts of that conversation about elementary school children in (it wouldn't be funny). By the bye, Gambit and Rogue conquer all!

2/11/2002 c2 Zorak
Bwahahahahahaha! Write more about my awesome noises, human! Bwahaha, I need more recognition as the embodiment of an evil Muppet!
2/10/2002 c2 3Tomorrow
Okay, I understand that Mimi gets to you, but don't start getting those ideas in your head about Mimi possessing me (keep this struggle to yourselves). However, I must say that you did a wonderful job capturing the tone and actuality of your classroom's activities and occupants. Of course you'll have more stories to tell about us... it's only just the start of the second semester ^_~
1/29/2002 c1 Zorak
Ms. Lester smells! Bwahahaha. I enjoyed your story immensely. I laughed my ass off the whole time.


Cathy and Gretchen also suck for correcting my Ainglish. Bwahahahaha. Sooooooooo, how's about Bio II next year?
1/29/2002 c1 4Star Darling
LOL! I totally remember this! Just remember that I found you before this story so I'm the coolest and smartest. :) This was great.

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