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for Time Travellers: The Sick Victorians!

3/1/2003 c2 13Mageling
What a weird thing, to find out your grandfather has a time machine hidden for you!

Too bad he didn't live to a hundred, being only a month away. . .

Sam is very well developed in this chapter. Well done!
3/1/2003 c1 Mageling
"Miss.White" there doesn't need to be a period there. There are a few other punctuation mistakes too.

Very cute. I like it. Keep writing!
3/30/2002 c15 Mauve Lipgloss
Interesting, I never read any stories like that before, hope to see more like it from you!
2/14/2002 c12 L-chan5
Thanks for reading my story. I'm returning the favor. This is good! I've really enjoyed what you've got so far.
2/13/2002 c1 2Lunar Blu
I love this story! ^_^

It's very cool, I can barely wait for the next part! ^_^

It's got a really good storyline, and realistic characters, to boot. ^_^
2/7/2002 c7 12Artsydoll
Nice story. Sounds interesting. Good job!
2/6/2002 c6 2fallingstar
*sigh* everyone else is great writers...
2/6/2002 c6 1Katie Wintergreen
heehee! Good story! I like it- please let me know when the next chapter comes out! Mental imagery is very good- I can totally see the characters in my mind. Couple of things to watch for, though- after dialogue, such as "Hi!", if you are going to say 'he said' or 'she said' after, it is lowercase. Other than that, great story!
2/3/2002 c1 1Chrys-kitty
Oooh! Very good plot! ^_^ I can't wait to read the next part! I have to go clean the house right now, though. -_- ::sigh:: Being thirteen sucks!

And I'm glad you liked my story, and thanks for telling me that the HTML didn't work. -_- I've been having so much trouble posting that thing, and getting it to work.

::WILL go clean the house, yes she will::
2/3/2002 c1 7Karma50
NOTE: If you review my story, i'll review yours!
2/3/2002 c3 Lil-Lopy
I think your story's really good! I love it, plz write more!

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