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for America

6/9/2002 c1 BlueMoonDuchess
You go girl! Tell it like it is! Excellent excellent poem, but marvelous topic!

I loved how you put God into all of this. Good for you to write this up!

It's excellent, but its more than that, it's so much more. You go girl, keep up

the great writing! GO USA! Go YOU!

(I live in New York USA and Proud! Good for you)
2/11/2002 c1 Kewie lazy lazy
Aw, Banah..That was really cool. During the 9/11 thing I was in shock/denial. It was like I hadn't even noticed it. It felt freaky. But our country won't give up. *very proud of her country* I'm off. I'm in a creative mood, may write. Au Reviour!

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