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2/10/2002 c8 6the blind visionary
~Yay~! This is great...I really like how you're not rushing the shounen-ai element...::giggles:: but i find myself highly anticipating the next chapters! tee hee...keep writing, man ^_^

~the infamous L-Chan~
2/10/2002 c8 Flair UnSigned On
Yaaaay! ^_^ Kawaii :) Tetra's okay! And he's thinking /naughty/ thoughts about Asaire ^^;;; *lmao* And ooh! *bounces* do we sense a twist in the plot ~_^ More! :) I want them to meet again... kawaii!
2/10/2002 c8 9r.mai
neateos! more more more! oh yeahs and great job! ^-^
2/10/2002 c7 r.mai
wah! what happened to tetra! wah! tetra! what's asaire to do? ...cya next chapter! hopefully tetra will be better by then.
2/8/2002 c7 6the blind visionary
~hey!~ i'm so glad you've continued the story, i meant to review before but as usual, school has been getting in the way. ANYways, i really really love how this is coming along- the descriptions in this story are just incredible, man! and finally, there's a beginning of the shounen-ai element. this is really cool, bring out s'more chapters again soon!

~the infamous L-Chan~
2/6/2002 c7 9Mada DuVaris
Yay, Yay... the first signs of a crush have appeared... Yay... I love it when it starts slow... and builds... so y'know the next time they meet they will be . all over eachother! tee hee Yay! I love this story... can't wait for the next chapter... ((and sorry I reveiw so much... I should give someone else a chance ne?))
2/6/2002 c7 6Lux Alexander
Nooooooo! O_O *huge teary eyes* Poor Tetra! *sniffles* Eee! This is good :) I like it /lots/ and /lots/ ^_^ It's very original, and cute, and all that good stuff! *grins* I'm waiting for more!
2/5/2002 c6 9r.mai
wah~ i didn't know that court jesters could be so cool! in the usual stories they're depicted as fools n stuff. so kewlios! mew! kayz bah baiz! keep it up! keep it up! go! go! go!
2/5/2002 c5 r.mai
neatos. i want something like that~~ maui.. anywho this really kewlios! ^-^ mew mew mew. great story. hope there's more. cya later. da da dum.
2/5/2002 c4 r.mai
asaire is so cute!~! darn it. wai! makes me kinda wanna pick his cheeks. ha ha. j/k. i'm not that weird. ha ha ha. mew~!~ bah bai!
2/5/2002 c3 r.mai
virgo is a cutie! haha...at least he didn't totally brush off tetra. ^^ cya next chapter.
2/5/2002 c2 r.mai
bwhaahaahaa~~ i like virgo. he's got spunk and tetra reminds me of hotohori speaking all weird like that. but hey whatever this is cool. kayz cya next chapter.
2/5/2002 c1 r.mai
cute~ and very colorful. maybe more storyline too? anywhos it was great! hope there's more. kayz baiz.
2/4/2002 c6 vbvbvb
Interesting so far ^_^ But it would be nice if Asaire and Tetra could meet in person again sometime soon!
2/2/2002 c6 6Lux Alexander
Kawaii ^^ Write faster, kay? *grin* This is cute, but it's not moving fast enough! *pouts and does quivery Elijah Wood baby seal eyes* I want shounen-ai :) hee ~_^ This /is/ gonna be shounen-ai, right? *grins* well even if it isn't, it's super-shibby, so write more ^_^
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