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5/20/2005 c1 5Vaush
I liked it. over-Describing is good.
4/21/2005 c24 custard cat
I loved it! Fantastic. spectacular. right more!
3/18/2005 c24 59Akihito Kage
Great fic! I love sugary endings too... I'm a sucker for mush, and this satisfied my hunger for sugar! Fwee!

Kepp writing great stuff like this!

12/10/2004 c24 4Kakiryu
*gasps* O.O My...Whoa...And with the...It was just so...I can't believe...*continues speaking in fragments for awhile*...And all I can really say is:


*calms down a bit* Erm...yeah. I'm so putting this on my favorites list. You're the first one on there...heh.

Anyways, you're a genius. I bow before you. Blah, blah, have to read more of you're stuff. Etc., etc., etc.

Write more, write soon, just write. Ciao.
10/31/2004 c24 demoncheese
Bravisimo! encore, encore!
8/18/2004 c1 4Custard Cat
That was a great story. I spend a lot of time reading it AL the way through! Asaire is THE BEST!
Hey, could you give me some tips? I could learn A HELL OF A LOT from you...You just have to read MY stories to know that! *Wink wink nudge nudge!* hehe
Anyway, great story. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
5/30/2004 c1 2Lady Chance
It's great! I'd read more, but I'm too tired at the moment...
Just fyi, the name "Britania" is (c) to Origin entertainment incorporated... as it is the name of the world in which every single one of the Ultima games for the PC takes place...
If you already know this, then, ignore me..
But I thought you might like to know..
5/15/2004 c24 4Foxtails
Ya~ay a British person! I was tryin' to read it all in one go but people kept throwing me off the computer so this actually took three days u.u' anyway I really loved this story, your characters are so vivid and they're really amazing, I hope they have a happyhappyhappy ever after! *notices that fic was published over two years ago...* Oh my...I certainly wish that I had found his story earlier.
3/2/2004 c24 Rivana
Gah... *gets a lovey dovey feeling*
I'm a sucker for happy endings too, though I'm a bit crossed at you, you know. Those last two chaps were VERY confused, not fair after all this we deserve a bit more details... *sobs* Ach...nicely written anyways I really loved the letters they were so cute.
Good work, well done. But revise the two last chapters. Get a bit more details, please... *lips tremple* Pretty please? *hugz*
Thanks for the story...
1/21/2004 c17 8AikoShrek
More, more, more!
1/20/2004 c1 AikoShrek
Humm... time for an update? I think so.
10/10/2003 c23 AikoShrek
There had BETTER be an epilogue! /
7/21/2003 c24 aynon
I just read your story all the way through for the first time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

You've inspired me to start on a jester-type story I've been planning on writing.

I'm also a sucker for happy endings, so I was glad at how it ended ^^

I'm a huge fan of descriptive writing, and you pulled it off very well-the descriptions of Asaire's costumes, his performances, the action scenes, and everything was just spectacular!

I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of your stories ^_^
7/19/2003 c24 AikoShrek
I really enjoyed this story, but I have one question about the end... It's 6 years later? And they get married? SIX YEARS? WHAT? X.x;
7/10/2003 c24 Lawrence Miisa
Everything ends happy and well. Touching.
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