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for Red Rapture

6/12/2002 c1 Wednesday Addams1
I love your red hair Kathryn.
3/20/2002 c1 Anton Vaughn
I love this poem. Thats all I can say. I just love this poem. Its great! ^_^
2/17/2002 c1 29Katterree Fengari
heh...nice, well there really arent many ppl with red hair, the only ppl who do have it that I know, its really orange
1/30/2002 c1 22Meegwun
hee hee... turn them into a bear... whoo hoo! Go redheads! :) poem embodies hilarity. Meg salutes.
1/28/2002 c1 Honeybunches
I swear now I'm gonna cum to school and be all like "I'm not gonna touch her hair, i'm not gonna touch her hair" then I'll touch it. Won't I, Pussy?
1/27/2002 c1 2cinder's rose
haha! so true! i noe some1 with red hair and everyone is always fussing over it!


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