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for Buried

4/25/2003 c1 47DemonPixie
I liked it a lot. Wow, a lot of deep emotion there. Never feel guilty about your past. Whether you like it or not, it taught you something and in some way or another, made you who you are today. Sometimes we need to learn things the hard way and as unpleasant as those memories may be, they're there for a reason(believe me, I'm still fighting my own daemons). All that matters is who you are NOW. Never worry about the past because contrary to popular belief, people really can/do change.

LOL! Sorry I went Dr. Phil on you. I've been taking care of 2 friends all week, one tries to commit suicide and the other was a druggie.
11/11/2002 c1 Iz
It's not a bad song, were you in a depressed mood when you wrote that?

I love all of your stories, but my fav is Lord of the Horsehoes.

I cant waite until chapter 5 is up.

Anyway cool song and hope you do more of them.

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