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1/22/2005 c1 4bigdizzle007
do u hav msn?
12/23/2000 c1 15Xilmin Nerrar
Not exactly sure what to say for this. All I can think of is: Your mind is odd, but I liked it anyway. reminds me of a dream I had once. No wait, that dream was scary. But anyway, that was... interesting?
10/18/2000 c1 Kilroy
I thought it sounded like a bad dream. Guess it was. Maybe I should write my dreams.
10/18/2000 c1 April6

that your dream has nothing to do with death in the physical sense but it represents something that is passing you by (the jogger) you know this person or thing and although you know this chance or person is passing you by you do nothing to stop it.

things are not always what they seem (the skinny guy on the bike)

your family not really being your family - maybe this represents your feelings of change and not knowing, that there is something foreign or new! and the guns with Christina could be something in your life that is serious but that is not how you are taking it...

either way it is all REM and does not really mean much...

it was a cool dream...!
10/10/2000 c1 Chiller freak
What a strange dream! But a good one! I wish I had that in my head!
9/9/2000 c1 2twizt
um... um... all i can think about is that this would be a perfect scene for a movie, maybe even a sequal to the 6th sense... you dream demented dreams... i wouldnt have been surprised if u had mentioned Soylen Greens in this one
8/24/2000 c1 Katrin
Hmph. Well there's a wierd one. Um, I really don't know what to say. I guess my advice is to keep on dreaming, is supose. Good work?
8/13/2000 c1 Tony
HAve you considered profesional help?

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