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for Last One

4/27/2003 c1 14Gilenea
That was beautiful. Your use of word choice is excellent and far exceeds any I have seen in a long time. It really reminded me of "The Last Unicorn," but I'm sure you get that all the time. This poem was splendid.

11/14/2000 c1 girl poisons boy
This is really good
11/14/2000 c1 Amanda
That was sad. It touched me soul. Beautiful. The imagery was amazing! That it one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. I really felt like the Unicorn. It expresses human nature too well for comfort. Fantastique!
9/16/2000 c1 2ElfFlame
Very sad. Nicely done. Have you read "The Last Unicorn" by Peter Beagle? You might find it interesting.
9/13/2000 c1 Kirei Lockhart
good very discriptive and i like the view you bring it from keep it up :0)
8/18/2000 c1 avidreader
A fine grasp of rhythm and word pictures with an overriding sense of the fantastic!
8/13/2000 c1 1Ophie
Not that bad? It was Beautiful! And sad! Wow, that poem really took my breath away, it really appeals to the senses, I could see everything you were describing there! Please write more poetry, because i would LOVE to read it!
8/13/2000 c1 Suessie
Wow. that's err... long. And food for thought... :)

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