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for Wistful Heart Cries

3/20/2002 c1 Anton Vaughn
This was very sappy, but I really liked it. I could really relate it to all my old friends in Ft. Lauderdale. I just loved it. It may not have been the best you ever written, but it made a big difference to me. I love you!
2/1/2002 c1 3Rose Lambert
Hey Kathryn...it's Kim. Very nice poem. Hehe. My exclamation point doesn't work on my keyboard. Dammit to hell. Well anyway...I just wanted to say I joined the fanfiction gang. My name is Rose Lambert. Check it out when you feel so inclined. Yay. Well, toodles
1/30/2002 c1 22Meegwun
sweet, refreshing, and quite well-written. *I* don't think it's bad at *all*! :)
1/30/2002 c1 4Lusty Comesquick
Yay! Yippy! Skinnamirnk! Whoppie! You miss me right? No I'm joking. you're right it's terrible. You should remove it... NOW! NOW I SAY! Luv ya and luved it!


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