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5/19/2010 c3 Kenny Deheart
chapter 3 lukas secret seems to be corrupted
3/29/2010 c3 anon
there's something wrong with this chapter. I'm not sure if I should try and read from the second chapter and try to pick it up. Please fix it! You can't really read a story without the first chapter!
4/2/2007 c10 22DeadlyPinkPuchu
chapter ten is also defective!

oh, I feel the need to be emo now.
4/2/2007 c3 DeadlyPinkPuchu
chapter one is defective! not showing up! ah -panics- !

... -coughs- ahem. I mean.. yeah. Chapter one is kapooey. ...I hope I can get it by starting on ch.2 :(
3/5/2006 c1 reader
its a good story i remember reading some of it before but now that i've come back to reading it all some of the chapters are messed up. the prologue and chapter 1 and also chapter 10(delhpi's quest) and onwards till the end chapter. can you please fix it. and you dont have this story on your website. please fix.
6/19/2003 c16 nishi
ah, I hate it! not the story, it was good, but the way you make your chars so weird, if I was Kai I would be so mad that my master didn't pay attention to me!
6/16/2003 c16 frizzy
I hope that there is a sequel. I love this story. Keep up the great work! Brilliant!
7/17/2002 c16 3galford340
Man this was one long fic but it was very good hey write a sequel! Please that' be soo cool but still I love the original's best! And this is very good and well writen, Ja!
4/26/2002 c16 2Hwoarang Girl
*waves bye bye to the ficcie*

I'll miss this!

I'll look forward to 'the dragon prince' and more of your fics! Yayz! I'm gonna write a new ficcie cos I got a new computer and so all my current ones are still on the old one, therefore I cannot resume with any of them until the old one is put up and all myw riting is saved to disk and saved on this one (DILEMMA! AHH!)

Kush & Cii: T_T We're...stuck...?

*nods slowly then huggles both to death* Sorry guys...

Well look forward to seeing more from you!

take care! Luv,

~ H.G and the Adeirrans who are stuck! ~
4/25/2002 c16 3Sapphire Weapon
*cries* It's over! It's all over! ; _ ; ...But at least Laural, Luka and Sylus return in the sequel, which I'll be very eagerly waiting for ^ _ ^

*sigh* But at least it was a happy ending...even though I can't help feeling sorry for Laural, still (and VERY sorry for Thain...)

Now! Sequel! Write!
4/20/2002 c15 xiaodxh
Don't leave me like this! Is there a sequeal to this? It would be great if there was one on Luka and his decendents(hope I spelled that right).

Anyway... it's really sparking ideas for me.
4/20/2002 c14 xiaodxh
This is really great. I mean REALLY great! I really like this a lot and I can't wait to finish it.
4/18/2002 c15 2Hwoarang Girl

That was so cool, Laural was so funny! He's so cool ^_^ hahaha.

I really can't believe that there's only the epilogue to go! T_T nevermind, I'll be looking forward to that and to your upcoming writing (I'm presuming [and hoping] there's more to come ^_^)

Meanwhile, I'm busy writing about my lil' Adeirrans and I got a new lil one to finish and put up... heehee *twiddles fingers menacingly*

Kush & Cii: O_O;;;;

~ H.G. ~
4/18/2002 c15 3Sapphire Weapon
Yay, it IS gonna be a happy ending! And we finally found out who Delphi was in love with, as well... ^ _ ^

I'm gonna miss these characters when the story is finished... ; _ ;
4/16/2002 c14 2Hwoarang Girl
T_T rest in peace Thain!

That was SO sad... awww! Poor lil' guy...

Ciira: Hey, at least he died with his love by his side...

*Sighs all round*

Glad I didn't miss too much whilst I was in France!

This is SO great! It's so good to see that you have set free and made the main couple split (through death, of course) and it was so heartwrenching! I promise I'll write more, plus I'm doing another story I thought up of whilst in Paris (maybe I should try finishing off previous stories soon, lol)

You are a BRILLIANT writer, so always remember that if anyone tries to tell you different! ^_^

Kushro: @

Ciira: ¬_¬; I told him not to eat that rubber sausage and slimy mah the Nuns fed us... *sighs* ...always ignoring me...

The cooking was ... but atleast the Nuns were lovely...

And Paris has given me EXCELLENT story ideas with... coupling in...

Ciira: *raises eyebrow* ...

*^_^* Heehee...

kushro: @ est ce que...je peut...quitté... la tablier...

Cii & HG: ...That phrase will haunt us for the rest of our lives... -_-

Take care, luv ya!

~ H.G. ~

Bon soir! ^_^ Au Revoir!
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