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for Wartorn

12/17/2001 c1 2K. Kofsuske
*sniffles* Ke-l-ly! That's sad, but very very good
11/9/2001 c1 6Tarasque
A beautifully written, emotional poem. Imagine how many times this might have really happened...it almost made me cry (It probably did for most people) Beautiful poem.
10/30/2001 c1 Gyrus
The physical details are very vivid. I would like to see more of the emotions of the people involved, especially the woman.
11/20/2000 c1 6ChrstnWrtr
I like that poem. It's better than any poem I've ever written.
9/13/2000 c1 7Sandiya
*tries not to cry* Ummm...I got a clear vision of this piece, and it was saddening, how war tears up everything and anything in its path. Excellent work...I'm glad I got to read it ;_;
8/14/2000 c1 13Dendera
*sniffles* It shouldn't stop at just a poem, I want to know what happened! Fantastic work. You're very gifted if you can take and describe one moment in time effectively, without having to give a load of background information.

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