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for Judgment

2/7/2002 c1 17The Haiku Police
The HKP salute.
2/4/2002 c1 31Cindy Moon
I like it!

It is true... eyes really are the windows to the soul
2/3/2002 c1 12Artsydoll
This is really good. Oh, I know thsi feeling all too well and you described it perfectly. Excellent job!
2/2/2002 c1 2Chibi Trista
I love this, it's so mysterious and leaves you with many things to think about.
2/2/2002 c1 Mary Jane142
well written. I've met someone like that. their eyes seem to be looking into your thoughts, freaky.

very good description of that feeling.
2/2/2002 c1 22Gevo
Good description of this feeling.

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