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for Night Owl

8/9/2002 c1 3Kuroi Yosei
I understand that need to write lol. Either way another good one! it makes you think...
2/17/2002 c1 12Artsydoll
Nighttime always seems to be a nice time to write, doesn't it? :::sighs and falls unto a bunch of pillows::: This is great, I love this haiku. You describe things so well!
2/7/2002 c1 17The Haiku Police
The HKP salute.
2/4/2002 c1 31Cindy Moon
Night Owl

i love that concept!
2/4/2002 c1 22Gevo
I like this one! Owl-haiku... cool
2/3/2002 c1 Yseulte
I love the images! A good example of why titles are an integral part of poetry ^_^
2/3/2002 c1 21spirit walker
This is a wonderful poem. Thanks to the title the image is perfect. keep up the good work

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