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for Johnny

1/20/2003 c1 5Isis Rage
Wow, just...wow. It's a horrid topic that people don't think to think about as much as it actually happens. I don't think I can just say that I like it or it was good, it's sort of moving in a way. The thing is, now this child is in my head and I can see him so afraid and I can hear him screaming.

That means you're good. :-)
8/7/2002 c1 83Zemmiphobic
interesing...strangely beautiful
5/19/2002 c1 10medboflight
it was good. thats all that i can think of to say. simply that it was good.
2/12/2002 c1 2Pat Thetic
oh my gosh... its a horrible topic but i love it anyways! thats going in my poem book no doubt! :p
2/3/2002 c1 7R.A. Sears
I could hear this being sung to a slow, ballad type beat with a heavy bassline. I liked it. It could be expanded with a chorus and such, but it was still cool.

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