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for J 2Ki's and a Ka on Radio Disney

3/20/2002 c1 Anton Vaughn
J2Ki's and a Ka rules! Whooo-hoo! You all are really something quite special. This story really shows how much they mean to you. ^_^ :::gets teary-eyed and sniffles::: I love you girls!
2/5/2002 c1 Kim
Ha, isn't that the truth? I'm going to miss you, Kathryn! Are you going to Jen's house this weekend? Well...e-mail me!
2/4/2002 c1 4Lusty Comesquick
That was beautiful! I still miss kim even though I wans't there today. plus I got to see her sunday at RENT.


PS RENT is the basis for my next story. La Vie Boheme!

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