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for Kari at home sick...The Major Motion Picture

12/14/2002 c1 Michelly Shelly LuVdemSquirrelS whatever you wanna call me
Hey Kater! I remember this from when Anna had it! hahahaha. YupPPPP! its good! hahahaha. yeah, nobody really gets it unless you know the stories, which I know some of them. hehehe. yupPerdoodles :) what day is it... DIXIW DAY! you should write a fic about our lunch table... band and Tamora Pierce! lol. Hey! put the list on fan fic! yay! okkie day. I'll talk to you later.

~Shelly (I heart DIXIE!)
11/28/2002 c5 8csisk8rchica
LOL this was great. i didnt understand half of it but it was soooooo funny. it sounds justl ike me and my friends.
4/27/2002 c5 1Brilliance
Kari: i wonder who kate really is in love with? anna, what do you think?

Me: hm. my guess is either alex, max, bill, will (w and/or b), or the other alex

Kari: sounds about right. although, since JeNnIfEr already told us she loved ummm... WILL! we'll go with him.

Me: yay, a love connection. i can ask him out for you.

kate: :::starts to protest:::

Me: hi, is alex there? oh, hi, this is anna from science.

will w: hi.

me: would you go out with kate? shes madly in love with you.

alex: sure. who cares about kristina?

me: thats right. talk to you later. hey kate, guess what. alex is going out with you now!

kate: wow, how did you know i liked him?

kari: telepathetic powers.

me: telepathic?

kari: exactly.

me: arent you glad we asked him out for you?

kate: oooh! nooooo! now i dont like him! i was happy just having a crush!

me: oh geez. you know who you sound like?

me: right

kari: this is getting kind of long for a review, isnt it?

kate: thats okay, i like reviews. you should review my other story that has no reviews

me: nah, i dont feel like it. more people we know will read this.

kate: anna, you should say something

me: hi!

kari: im kinda bored with this review now.

kate: no, dont stop!

kari: but this is getting boring. ill do another one with another random guy.

kate: okay!


kate: bye!

me: bye!

alex: bye!

beckay: bye! wait...i wasnt in this...nevermind

special thanks to guest star will w. (bye kate!)
4/26/2002 c2 phil D
this is a fantastic story. just kidding. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. toodles
4/15/2002 c5 Kari
woah...what the hell, this is weird. when are you posting the reunion?
4/3/2002 c5 Skribble2
LOL, sounds alot like my conversations with my friends...keep writing and add on to this!
3/28/2002 c1 anna cough i mean im not reveiwing this for the 3rd time
So yeah. this is cool. they wrote one for me while i was in Seattle but it just didnt have my special touch :D oh well it was funny anyway. Umm this is really funny you should read it and review it cuz she says she wont put up the rest of the acts until she has like 10 reviews. oh well. so heres to Kate... *clink*
3/23/2002 c1 Val
This was a very wierd story, and it didn't make sense, but it was very good, and funny. But then it started getting wierd, but in the end, it was very funny.
2/23/2002 c3 Becky I am so proud to be part of this motion picture
You changed some of it! Why! My head must have really hurt from getting hit over the head so

many time. Let's make the valiant sequel! And this time, I'll hit Kate over the head with

one of Madsen's 2.5 lead pencils. hee hee. chou!
2/9/2002 c3 13Fauve Blade
Totally pointless, but I love it! I have no clue what it's about, but that's ok! I like the self destructing phone, and the secret mission for the CIA. I suppose I don't have a life, do I?
2/8/2002 c1 jared
hey this is funny and pretty entertaining. its got a lot of i guess inside jokes but overall pretty amusing. :)
2/4/2002 c2 WeissAbyssinian
Hey Kate, were you really *that* bored? lol. That was...odd..Anyways, I told you I'd review it.
2/4/2002 c1 juls
how comei wasnt in it? huh? jk. it was wonderful. it was fantastic and hilarious and some other stuff
2/4/2002 c1 Roffle
Heeheehee. Oh my word, that was amusing. *hug* *sob* Please, i must read more about myself! My ego must expand until it reaches the mass of the population of eastern asia! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cackle*
2/4/2002 c1 Connie
oh my god.

THAT HIPPIE PARENT THING WAS MY IDEA! I cannot believe you. I don't think i'll ever be able to trust you again... *sniffle*. But besides that...i don't get it. Put me in there somewhere. I can be a pickle.
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