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3/18/2015 c1 Guest
Ehmahgawd thu were aliens! :0 never saw it coming!
2/15/2014 c1 xxx1000
Has tension and suspense. Nicely done.
4/15/2012 c1 1Mr. F M Fahrenheit
Interesting story, and an excellent twist at the end. However, I feel that the whole "religion vs. science" plot point, is unneeded. Just have that crew member be deranged or psychotic. I really feel the religious fanatic is unnecessary for the plot to work. However, beyond that, it is a pretty good story.
4/5/2004 c1 Dk
I didn't get it at first, but love the twist now that I understand. So glad I didn't read the reviews first, as I usually do! Wow, write more!
7/6/2001 c1 Admiral
They DID make a Twilight Zone episode out of it. Different plot, different moral (it was a cold war episode) but the same "the protagonists are aliens" twist at the end. That's okay. Pretty good action, though it could use a spellcheck and some logic-proofing.
6/24/2001 c1 4Margaret Rennie
Gah! I'm so glad I didn't read your reviews first. They're full of spoilers, and this is a fic that just shouldn't be spoiled. Most excellent. There are really two twists in here. There's the delectable one at the end, of course, which I totally did not see coming, although you mention it in your summary. *You shouldn't, by the way.* There is also this. I always figure on religious intolerance having an underdeveloped, old-fashioned setting, and a shiny, techy, sci-fi setting being more a suitable backdrop for enlightened ideas. My Star Trek background, I guess. So to have the small-mindedness of religious intolerance set against a starship setting was original, in my experience, and quite unexpected. All in all a memorable fic.
4/8/2001 c1 Wallwalker
Hmm. Personally, I think that religious mania (although not necessarily religion itself) is a pretty good reason for a mutiny... it certainly causes enough wars on Earth. Closed-mindedness, for any reason, is a danger... Heh, anyway. A very well-crafted and paced story, definitely says something about humanity that most people would choose to ignore.
12/30/2000 c1 Admiral Kelley
A nice bit of work indeed. I like how you managed to develop the characters with so short a story, and I especially liked how you twisted the point of view at the end. I actually had no idea I was reading about aliens until the very end, very well done. religious fanatics, that's why Earth isn't ready for aliens and it seems it's the same reason the aliens aren't ready for us! All in all an entertaining story that's worth the time it took to read it. Till the next time this Admiral says two thumbs way the hell up!
11/30/2000 c1 12Jennifer Ever Zero
Oh...reminds me of the fact that we really are doomed. You know how to tell a story...I was on the edge of my seat. Religion is a crutch for those unwilling to deal with reality. Good moral. Seriously, I like your original stuff, can't wait to see more...
11/20/2000 c1 Bob DeFrank
Oh, that was rich (applause), they should make a Twilight Zone episode out of that one. You might have figured out a reason other than religous mania for the mutiny, though, otherwise flawless.
8/22/2000 c1 Nevala
Great story, just great. I loved the surprise ending, I loved all of it actually. :)

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