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for Without You

3/14/2003 c1 48Vinsant Firepsyched
On the first reading it doesn't sound like you were mentioning anything devine. It's an insightful poem.
2/23/2002 c1 9Midnight Strike
"your oxymorons inspire hope" i love that.
2/20/2002 c1 Bitterscarlet
"creates a tone too much like suicide. "

Brilliant. No energy to get specific here, I'm half alseep.
2/19/2002 c1 6Tarasque
What can I say? This poem speaks from the heart, to the heart. Everyone feels this way, sometime...we just all need to know that there is no perfection in life. In the world, even.

Beautiful. This was absolutely beautiful. I do hopw you keep writing.
2/16/2002 c1 kupomo
I have a poem with the same name, except yours clearly over shadows mine. I feel like hiding in a corner and crying because your poem is better, and so is your use of words. Turned me into a fan!
2/7/2002 c1 19Maggs
i liked this and by the way everyone feels like they have failed at being a good person.
2/7/2002 c1 4Lonnie
I liked your poem

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