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for Christ Almighty

12/21/2005 c1 uberwitch
Minimalistic and striking.
8/10/2005 c1 90poetic abortion
wow. this was positivly amazing, the worl play is simply amazing and conveys so much. perfect mix of refind angst and humor (atleast I see it that way). the writing is clear, vivid and evident. utterly poetic too. wonderful, wonderful writing. I adore it.

~* noelle
5/3/2004 c1 Aspensgal
It's an apt description of the numbness inherent in that moment.
1/22/2003 c1 meeka1
that poem is so beautiful... im so sorry for you...
11/23/2002 c1 Rosmerta
Powerful writing, Resmiranda ... I happened to be visiting your page and saw this. I'm so sorry you had to go through something like that. I'm glad you're writing about it.
11/18/2002 c1 DraconisSenshi
it almost feels emotionless to me.
10/24/2002 c1 Alvick
A saviour that does this is no saviour.

After all, there is no such thing, is there?

At least not for the only group of people I can identify with that's not a minority.. And that, of course, is the MAJORITY. More precisely,

the majority of the people on this planet. Or, who knows, everyone..?

Us humans should have realised it by now: If we shall be Saved, it will be done by ourselves.

And that is very "unlikely". Actually, I do not believe in it.

Umm...er...sorry about the lecture.. *an ugly, twisted wannabe smile*

As for the poem... I find that for some people, including myself, writing poems about things too close to the heart is far more difficult than writing about "lighter" stuff. I think it might well be the same with you. (?)

The poem is not bad at all, actually pretty good, as I am definitely not the right person to critisize other people's poems. I am not the most *cough* talented of writers... :-/ But the sad truth is that it can only raise strong feelings in people that are emotionally connected to the..er.. incident.. That meaning that you need much more material, so to speak, to make people feel as though this happened to THEM. But ignoring what I said earlier about the difficulty of writing about personal things, it may well be that the old saying, and truth, is more valid:

Practice makes perfect. The only way to find out is to read and write LOTS of poems.*humph* As if you didn't already know that... But anyway, it doesn't hurt to hear it once more, I suppose.. :)
10/1/2002 c1 Clayr
Scary. And beautiful.
9/18/2002 c1 1snowieaddz
wow.. short but still excellent. I'm sorry for your lose.
8/20/2002 c1 Gryph

This poem...is... wow.

It's a spare and sad and beautiful... several years ago, my own father died, and your poem is so vivid to me... I feel it, it's what happened to me, too... my mother screaming, calling 911...

Er...May I post a reply poem?
7/28/2002 c1 8JerseyPike
So few words but so many memories to go with them. Your poem means a lot to me. I can relate to those feelings. I remember getting off the bus one day during 6th grade with my mom crying and I was like it will be all right and she said the 3 words I will remember for ever. No it wont. I never saw him again. But maybe it was for the better. I love your poem. No matter what anyone says!
7/23/2002 c1 4littlemandyralph
Beautiful. Positively beautiful.

I am a fanfictione junkie, it is so easy to write in someone elses world, so easy to write about a world which you have created.

It takes alot of courage to write about ourselves, and the world which we were thrown into.

You are a true grifindor!

- mandy.

6/4/2002 c1 2Goosie Gal
that was hauntingly beautiful. I read it over the first time and i was like ok..time to move on..but i looked at it again...it's beautiful in a sad, mysterious way...
6/4/2002 c1 gotsnape
I received such a phone call. It comes out of no where, you are ok and then you answer the phone. Except it was not my dad, but my grandfather. I still wonder why, how he came to that point? I can appreciate your grief and perhaps the guilt. Always wondering what I could have done to make it better. If I had called, wrote more...who knows. Thanks for sharing yourself in this most private of matters. Does it make you angry? Email me if you want to.
5/22/2002 c1 darkrogue1
I won't pretend to know how you feel. But I present you sincere condolences anyway.
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