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3/16/2003 c1 7sirotrax
Wow...What can I say? This is a wonderful poem. The emotion put into it was absolutely amazing. I am doing a poetry anthology in English, and I need a poem for it. Would you mind if I used this one? (all credit given to you, of course!) If so, write me at .

9/1/2002 c1 Velmaneuwirth
"Heavey Man."
2/19/2002 c1 24Keysuna
great, great, great, great, great, great see I'm revieing it again. :)
2/8/2002 c1 3dRone
This is the room where I sit making fish faces.

Um...uh...oh! Wow.

I like how the constant repetition seems to show what a different person sees. I don't know if this was what you were going for but that's what I got. Very powerful.

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