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for niEmi's Infamous Rob Poem

4/26/2002 c1 14Kairyn Naumann
ohghod, u actually put it up? *launches into hysterics* Lets just say Ill agree w/ DL: let us all hope rob never finds fanfiction!
4/19/2002 c1 4Martian Aries
jAmes told me to read this. he said it was dumb. i think 'tis funny, and really cute. is u talking bout Rob? nun my bisness, anyway. bye bye!
2/11/2002 c1 4DigimonDragonLady
*laughs* you'd better hope Rob doesn't know ff.net. ~_^ Anyway, good poem, as always. I'm typing this review in homeroom, b/c my home computer won't let me read your stuff for some reason.

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