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for I am

1/17/2003 c1 Supperchunks
Hi, I'm biisis, you bitched that my fanfic was "inane" ... now, what is this! Who would actualy want to read this! I'm sorry, but this isn't even fanfiction! OK! If your own stuff sucks horribly, then don't insult other writers who write for fun. Add on to your poem : I enjoy condesending and raiseing my self esteem by belittling others. I'm a bitch, who are you...
10/30/2002 c1 1swizzbob
I'm not sure who I am. I know what I am, but I don't really know who. I'm glad you know, & I think your poem format is a good expression of the way it is. That doesn't make sense.
4/23/2002 c1 IcaWolf
that was really good. i especially liked the last line, "What are you?" it made me think *me thinking* ow! my brain hurts! jk, ^_^

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