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for I Will Be Your Perfect First Date

3/29/2002 c1 Wednesday Addams1
That's great! I especially love the fact that you don't want the guys to open the door or crap like that. You have read my paper on this so you know I understand where you are coming from. But where was the part about no stupid or ugly or fat people. Perhaps it was written in the subtext, because I KNOW you wouldn't leave that out.
3/2/2002 c1 Norwegianne
:) I won't say I agree with everything you said; but it is your idea of the perfect date, not mine. Besides I am a girl, so I have no desire to date you. Nevertheless I found it very well written, humourous, realistic and modern.

I think I am going to try to write something like that myself... Just so I know... maybe hand out to anyone who'd asked me out... ;)
2/25/2002 c1 The Bush-Girl
Wow, my little girl is an independent woman! Go you! You really are just out spoken

and you will get a guy really fast, if he doesn't mind taking orders!


2/10/2002 c1 29Katterree Fengari
heh...I see the humor..okay u open ur own doors..I see a pattern!

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