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6/3/2005 c1 Valaraiya
Ooh, typo!

Unless with a C,it's always I before E.*Poor 'diety' Christ.

*...except in 'deity' and 'weird' and a few other exceptions...
5/26/2004 c1 subhumans8
what the fuck you fucker, california is nothing like that, obviously you live in cali and wenrt born there or your just some pathetic retard trying to put other poeople dreams down...faggot
8/6/2002 c1 29Katterree Fengari
Ooo...Sweet poem! tis funny...Nice ending..

...sadly...I don't belond in California...but I think I live there...SC-Southern California...but that's jus what somebody told me...um...right.. Nice poem
4/11/2002 c1 1L0ser Punk
Hey! What's wrong with Southern California? I live there and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! ^_^ Nice weather, Awesome bands...

Are you from California? We're not all blonde (I'm a brunette). Just a stereotypical thing. Lol.

This is funny though. It's fun to see what people think of us Californians. Lol.

Please write more!
3/21/2002 c1 6Vampire-Queen
Well, just to tell you, we arn't all that bad! I mean, sure some of us are, but not all of us are! What state did you come from, Kansas? Well Dorthy, get with the program, and vist California, and you will see that not everyone is like your Aunty May!
2/21/2002 c1 37BeautifulWickedness
Hehe. That was good! Thanks for reviewing my stuff. I think you got California and hell mixed up, though...
2/15/2002 c1 6aNGeLz3xprOtOn
its true... its true... your poems are almost as good as your haiku! haha...
2/12/2002 c1 22Meegwun
hmmm... or maybe the ignorant corporate bastards will wreck the earth and melt the icecaps first. then California would SINK. Heh.

People who THINK

And scoff at ignorance

And don't obsess about syllable counts

You belong in Canada.

Oh HKP, HKP, i tease you, but you know i appreciate your work. :)
2/12/2002 c1 Nerilka-chan
T.T waaaaaaaaaah *crys* i dunt wanna be all alone! ~_^ ~N-chan
2/11/2002 c1 8toyouke
Hey! Not all of California is bad and scary. Just the southern portion. Which will break off in an earthquake and fall in a hole. So there's no problem.
2/11/2002 c1 1BrideOnFire
Hehe..i love your poem! And not just cuz i live in California and thinks that Cali owns all...Usually people right about love and how much their lives suck; it's nice to see something so original being written. Oh, and BTW, i LOVE your SN LoL.
2/11/2002 c1 10Wan
this is so COOL!

and i thought u only wrote haikus...
2/11/2002 c1 Aetre from New England
Haha! Yes, this is so true. Sometimes I'm glad there's a place on earth where those California people can keep to themselves.

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