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4/14/2005 c1 Amaranth of Grey
Haikus about birdshow sweet, and then innocent-except that last line.Sorry- if I read haikus, I feel compelled to respond in them.
6/17/2003 c1 16Wooffles
With all due respect, I don't think it's fair for you to flame everyone else's haikus, even if they aren't, when yours aren't that great. Sure, they have a right amount of syllables, but...yeah.

I guess you're more into technicalities than anything else so I'll just let you do your thing.
1/28/2003 c1 6LPegasus
Even funnier...
8/5/2002 c1 1Cranky Cathe
haha... they're all over my lawn, too!
5/24/2002 c1 13Raspberry Ginger
A character in my fic will be throwing stones at a bird in the upcoming chapter. *looks around warily* Nobody heard that did they? It's a surprise... heh.
5/8/2002 c1 24The Dark Enchantress
I love the last line! LoL.
3/28/2002 c1 10Sugars Daring Mistress
*giggles* When I saw the title, I though you were gonna mention them crapping on your good suit or something. Still good, though.
3/8/2002 c1 18americananime
Hum... How do you Americans put it? "Neener Neener Neener!" X-Men joke. Ha. THIS LOOSES YOUR POINT! My gosh, I can't STAND it when people go off their point! In my poem about Aragorn, I didn't randomly go and insert "Sauron Is Scum" or "GET THAT RING AWAY FROM ME!" My gosh, it's like going into a really pretty garden and then BAM! You're in a state prison. Really, really work on closing your poems PRETTILY. This bugs me. And I also don't see why you guys think you're so high and mighty; people HAVE taken English, people DO know what they're doing, and if you don't like it, maybe you shouldn't BE HERE. Now, I'm normally not this rude, but I'm A Right Wing with a big mouth, which translates into I get peeved and tell everyone my exact opinion and basically if you don't like it, "tough." Arg! I cannot tolerate it! Maybe I should be the pointless police ... by the way, Police Officers (like my Father) are very nice people ... perhaps you should change it to the Haiku _Nazi_.
2/27/2002 c1 37BeautifulWickedness
Cute. I like waking up to singing birds, as corny as it is. Most of the time I sleep through it anyway.
2/18/2002 c1 Amariia
Hmm..I like your haikus..but just to let you know..that when you reviewed mine and said it was wrong..I have never wrote any haikus in my LIFE and those were my first and I haven't taken any classes or read any..just letting you know..above all your's are great. Bye!

2/12/2002 c1 22Meegwun
hee hee hee... c'mon, they provide fertalizer! :)

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