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for Dew

6/13/2005 c1 27RosepetalDoll
heh heh. i like it. yr good. or maybe i am staying up way to late. lol j/k~rosie
1/6/2005 c1 28Orphans' Wail
This flows extremely nicely. I like it.
12/23/2002 c1 YOU SUCK SHIT
Okay im here to tell u that this is the worst haiku i've ever read! have yall ever gone to the good haiku police's account! they are SOOOOOO much better than u fookers! aahhhhh!

and, are you gay? you must be MEN IN PINK! real men dont care about their shoes!

9/26/2002 c1 penname0001
iiiiinteresting. How we would enjoy getting a check of approval on our haikus (we only have one so far) *hint*
8/8/2002 c1 1The Good Haiku Police
Good. You actually got the syllables right for once. How does it feel to be the evil twin now? MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
2/21/2002 c1 37BeautifulWickedness
Hello! ^_^ I like this haiku! *g* Ja ne!
2/15/2002 c1 10Wan
2/12/2002 c1 1baby ren
i like this one its cute i also really like your birds one

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